Rentable Space

Hotdesks &  Incubation Units

Photo of a Hot Desk at Media Cube

The Media Cube provides two general types of rentable space for client enterprises depending on their stage of development: hotdesks for very early stage ventures and a range of offices of different sizes to suit enterprises as they grow.

Hot Desks

Our hotdesk room offers clients a desk, chair and broadband access in a common work area. These desks are available for clients at the very early start-up stage when they are working on the feasibility of their business ideas.

The occupants of the hot desk room benefit from the range of supports available, from general business mentoring to specific digital media expertise, as well as access to the specialist equipment within the Cube. In addition clients benefit from a business address and multiple networking opportunities.

Hot desks are rented out on a monthly basis for a maximum of 12 months. Services such as lighting and heating and access to the Institute’s broadband service are included in the overall rental costs for hot desk clients.

Incubation Units

Photo of an Incubation Unit at Media Cube

The Media Cube offers three different sizes of office:

  • Small: 14m2 – suitable for 2-3 people;
  • Medium: 18m2 – suitable for 3-4 people;
  • Large: 25m2 – suitable for 4-5 people.

Businesses can generally opt for an office, or combination of offices, that suits their stage of development.

Each unit offers broadband and telephone connection. Services such as lighting and heating, security and waste removal are included in the overall rental costs.

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