Media Cube Mission

Growth Focused Digital Enterprises


Our goal is to support and drive the development of digital start-up enterprises focused on trading internationally and becoming key contributors to Ireland’s knowledge economy.

We set out to accompany our client businesses throughout their establishment and early development phases, assisting them in accessing relevant supports and networks, engaging with the marketplace, securing investment and making sales.

We are particularly keen to work with companies that reflect IADT’s focus on the convergence of creativity, technology and design, and to maximise the benefit of our campus location.

In assessing applications from prospective tenant entrepreneurs, we have regard for:

  • Sector of activity – we focus on digital enterprises;
  • Stage of development – we work mainly with companies in the first 3 years of existence;
  • Ambition – we prioritise start-ups that wish to secure funding and trade internationally;
  • Collaboration – we like to work with companies which offer potential for mutually beneficial collaboration with IADT.