About IADT

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Established in 1997, Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) provides a portfolio of applied research and courses (undergraduate and post-graduate) that is unique in this country. The Institute has a well established reputation in the fields of media and visual arts, now uniquely combined with enterprise, technology and psychology. IADT’s core activity is creative content production. This incorporates the multi-disciplinary elements of design, development, production, integration, distribution, internationalisation, supporting business models and practices, and technological infrastructures, systems and applications. IADT is Ireland’s leading digital media higher education college.

The Institute, through its applied research programmes, addresses the nature and implications of the changing landscape of the digital media industry and, by doing so, is assisting in the reformulation of professional activities for the sector. The interdisciplinary environment within IADT is a key enabler for the systematic development, innovation and incubation of processes and technologies concerned with content creation, integration, management, distribution and delivery, i.e. key elements in the value chain for the emerging digital economy.

Skilled Graduates

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From this unique multi-disciplinary mix of competencies a portfolio of value added support services is provided to Media Cube clients. The Institute also leverages its current partnerships and strategic alliances within the knowledge, media and entertainment sectors, and its international network to supplement and extend the range of digital media expertise to match the specific needs of incubation projects and enterprises.

IADT produces graduates in business and technology and can boast large numbers of entrepreneurs from its art, design and media schools. The impact of the significant cross-fertilisation of skills across the three schools of Creative Arts, Technology and Business will further this trend.

Industrial Relations

IADT has demonstrated a proven track record by fostering relationships with leading enterprises in the digital media content arena and leveraging these to the benefit of the graduate population.

The Institute had well established relationships with digital media organisations including the Digital Hub, the Digital Media Forum, Screen Training Ireland, the National Broadcasting Sector (RTE, TG4, and TV3), the Arts Council, the Irish Internet Association and the Irish Software Association.

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IADT, together with University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University and the National College of Art and Design, is currently developing Ireland’s National Research Centre in digital media and related technologies. The National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) is becoming a significant international centre that spans the areas of creativity, design and technology to realise the commercial potential of research in these areas. With access to world-class facilities for research and education, and supported by secure funding from the Irish government, the NDRC is well positioned to become a leading international centre for translating research ideas from concepts to commercially applicable solutions.

IADT is also spearheading innovation and development in a range of other sectors. Apart from the opening of Media Cube in March 2007, the development of new buildings for the National Film School are expected to be completed in 2013. This will provide improved facilities for the Institute’s excellent record in education and training in film, animation, broadcasting and digital media.