HayLo - The Feeding System Designed in Accordance with Nature.  To view our website go to: https://haylohorsefeeder.com/


The HayLo Hay & Haylage Feeder has been designed to as closely as possible mimic the natural feeding habits of the horse, who has evolved to graze little & often throughout the day from a low head position for optimum health.

HayLo simulates natural grazing when access to adlib grazing is neither available nor viable and is suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.


The HayLo provides a range of fantastic benefits for your horse and you:
• Extends the length of time forage lasts
• Slows down the rate of consumption
• Satisfies the natural foraging instinct
• Promotes correct jaw and postural alignment
• Eliminates all waste
• Saves time labour & money
• Acts as a boredom buster
• Can help with ulcers/colic/box-walking etc

Technical details:
The HayLo is suitable for feeding hay or haylage, inside or out, for soaking and draining.
• Fixing points to secure to stable wall/fence post.
• Watertight bung for soaking & draining.
• Interchangeable feeding discs of 90mm & 70mm hole sizes
• Horse proof locking ring to prevent feeding grill coming out
• Holds 8.5 kg Hay/10-12Kg haylage

Each feeder comes with:
• 70mm & 90 mm size hole feeding discs
• Straps & Wall plates for securing to wall/post
• Allen key to interchange feeding discs
• Instruction leaflet


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