CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment for IADT

Date: 15/10/08

Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology (IADT) has received R&D infrastructure funding of €560k from Enterprise Ireland to develop an immersive virtual reality system. The system, CAVE (Computer-generated Automatic Virtual Environment), will immerse users in ambionic sounds and high-end 3D graphic environments projected on four walls. The CAVE will also use a wireless motion tracking system to support research in:

  • real-time visualisation and interaction,
  • high-end interactive graphics,
  • prototypes for niche sectors such as planning and visual arts.

With immersive technologies and virtual worlds becoming increasingly popular with consumers and business alike, IADT’s CAVE will be key to the Institute’s ongoing research and development of technologies, content, and usability in 3D virtual environments. IADT will  partner with industry and SMEs to develop immersive virtual environment projects.

Media Cube would like to pay particular thanks to the companies in the Cube that assisted with the original application.

For more information on how CAVE can be used to support your business contact Martin Hogan,