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FÍS (Film in Schools) is a highly successful film project for primary schools that explores film as a medium of expression in relation to the arts, and introduces children to aspects of the film-making process.   FÍS Film Project offers primary school teachers a structured approach to introducing film as a cross-curriculum medium in the classroom.  The resources provided by FÍS include sixteen lesson plans, an in-depth practical guide to making a film with students, and video tutorials.


The results have been astounding. The project has succeeded in helping children to develop essential skills in moving-image literacy, communication and teamwork. Teachers tell us that the children develop additional skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, investigation and analysis. Both teachers and children find the experience enriching and rewarding.


Schools who complete a film as a result of this process may enter the FÍS Film Festival, the final of which takes place in the Helix in November every year.  This event forms part of a module for National Film School students who record the event as if it were a live broadcast.  The project is a collaboration between IADT and the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST).


The FÍS Book Club encourages Irish pupils to read age appropriate books and review them with their classmates. With the launch of the new site students can prepare a review of the book they have read, record the review in video format using a device of their choice and under the supervision of their teacher the video review is uploaded onto the FÍS Book Club website. Through this process even reluctant readers become excited about the process, and are inspired to read books recommended by their peers. Through use of the FÍS Book Club website, oral language skills as well as reading skills are developed, and with the meaningful integration of technology furthermore developing digital literacy skills.


Speaking at the launch in January 2015, Ryan Tubridy had this to say: Reading is not just about decoding print, but about being able to talk about what has been read, and having a lifelong joy of reading and the knowledge it brings with it.”

He continued: “Most importantly children are having fun using this website, and there is no cost for participating schools.


The national literacy strategy aims to develop the literacy skills of Irish children and a number of initiatives have been supported by the Department of Education and Skills. FÍS Book Club is one such initiative developed in partnership between the PDST Technology in Education and the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) with no commercial bias.


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IADT’s School in a Box:


School in a Box is a community digital engagement project developed by IADT and works with unique technology comprising of iPads, pre-loaded with simple content creation apps, connected to a small powerful projector and powered by solar. Using a participatory action research methodology and a community engagement ethos, SIAB works with on the ground partners to assess needs, and co-design training and content suitable for the environment, language and needs of the participants.    The technology is mobile and ideally suited to remote rural learning environments that are off the electricity grid.

School in a Box (SIAB) is used in health literacy, agriculture, adult literacy and school environments.  In Mozambique School in a Box is deployed in 5 adult literacy centres in Maputo province in collaboration with UNESCO Mozambique.  Already a bank of lesson plans and content created on the iPad linked to local literacy, numeracy and life skills curriculum have been developed by teachers piloting the project. School in a Box is also being piloted in collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation, using video tutorials to improve agrarian practices in field farm schools.   In Nepal School in a Box is deployed in primary and middle school environments in collaboration with the Karuna Shechen charity and Himalayan Children’s Society.  At 3000m altitude and without access to grid electricity, Humla presents all the challenges School in a Box was designed to address.

The School in a Box project has been developed by IADT staff, and is about to commence further pilots and research with Clinton Health Access Initiative and UCD Medical School, in a number of maternal healthcare facilities in Mozambique, and with Irish Aid and the Ministry for Education in primary schools .  A community engagement approach and ethos informs holistic individualized design in each environment we work in.


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